Hi! My name is Amber, and this post is to introduce myself and talk about what I will be posting on here. I am a multimedia “artist.” I put the word artist in quotation marks because I dabble in different art forms (I draw digitally and traditionally, I crochet, I sew a little bit, and I design and make jewelry). I will have links up to my shops on here for you to check out my work if you want ^_^

Now that the basics about me are out of the way, it’s time to talk about what I will be posting on here. One of the things I’ll be talking about are some of the items I’ve made by hand. I’ll even provide links to my handmade items. What I’ll be posting about the most are the items I’ll be reviewing. All items I review will be items I’ve bought myself, were sent to me for free to review from other sites (some will be samples), or items I’ve won from giveaways.

More on the reviews I will be doing: All of my reviews will be 100% honest, and I will not be getting paid for these reviews. My income isn’t that great, so most of the items I buy will probably be everyday items (food, beauty items, etc.) that I can purchase from dollar stores, or got at a discount. If I review any high priced items, it’s because I won it in a giveaway.